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Business Management Software Solutions
Ability to empower your organisational stakeholders to continue innovate is the key success factor of today's modern enterprise. This ability generally gain through the supporting ground of knowledge and accessibility to information.Effica Software Solutions (ESS) are designed to help you to manage your business better, with
    a) Business Process Automation;

    b) Capturing and Structuring Business Data; and

    c) Extracting meaningful Business Insights;

Change is a common phenomenon where either regulatory change, introduction of disruptive technology, change of consumer behaviours, macro economic landscape and etc. ultimately affect the business environment. 

Hence when changes are to reflect in pricing, products and service, how would an organisation excert controls and communicate effectively over the quotation process? With ESS, pricing policy can be determined, controlled centrally and enforce seamlessly through the quotation process, ensuring compliance and uncompromising customer experience.

This illustrates that a simple integration could enhance communication and seamlessly apply changes systematically for the entire organisation. While this is only one simple illustration, contact us to for more or email us at sales@efficatechnology.com